About Us

Fragrant Vagrant was founded in 2024 by Amy, who admittedly was just looking for something creative to do. She wanted to try soap making, and thought it would be fun to theme each scent around a different Dungeons and Dragons player class. Because Amy has no chill when it comes to hobbies and always turns them into careers, it inevitably happened with this too. Each product is hand made by Amy to order.

The name "Fragrant Vagrant" was created by her husband Trevor, who has a better way with names than Amy does, which is good, because the working name for the business wasn't nearly as catchy. Trevor doesn't really do much as far as physically making the products, but he does act as a scent and product tester, idea springboard, and barrier to keep their toddler out of mommy's work space.

Amy and Trevor are both avid D&D players, and their daughter had her first full set of dice (which she chose one by one) by 2 years old. Amy's current favorite player character is Vyth, a teal and silver lizard folk rogue that was abandoned by her clan in infancy due to her unusual and unsurviveable coloration, and picked up by a band of pirates simply because she could fit in small spaces. She is currently wanted by the cult of Tiamat for "crimes against her own kind" (mingling with other species). Trevor is unfortunately a "forever DM", his favorite campaign that he's run is the one they are currently playing in which a rogue and an oath of vengeance paladin are doing their best to coexist.

Fragrant Vagrant products are made by adventurers, for adventurers! They never contain dye, but always* contain dice to ensure you're always ready for your next quest!






*Dice not included with sample products